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Shrub 5-7 meters, sometimes a small tree. Cornel with a very long time cultivated by mankind, historians reported the bones dogwood found more than 5 thousand. Years ago excavation of human settlements located on the territory of modern Switzerland. Today, 4 species of dogwood are cultivated throughout most of Europe (in France, Italy, eastern Europe, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia), the Caucasus, Central Asia, China, Japan and North America. The fruits of cornel - small in size, elongated shape (also found fruit with spherical and pear shape), berries. Outside the berry is covered with smooth skinned variety of colors (light red, red, dark red, dark purple and almost black), under which is a juicy sweet-sour or sweet pulp, hide hard inedible pit. Average weight one berry is about 2.6 g of which 65-90% is pulp.
In the wild cornel grows in the Crimea, Moldova, the Caucasus, the Carpathians. Blossoms it is very early, in mid-March, abundant, bright yellow flowers, c moment and tying up ripening takes 5-6 months. None fruit tree does not have such a long period of growth in the ovary and fruit ripening. The leaves have a characteristic pronounced longitudinal veins. Cornel flowers are rich in nectar and attract pollinators to the garden a lot; this plant - a good honey plant, and at the same time dogwood low-calorie product, 100 g of which there are only 40.5 kcal.
Nutritional information per 100 grams: Protein - 1,2gr; Fats - 0gr; Carbohydrates - 9,8gr; Ash - 0,7gr; Water - 85gr; Calorie - 40,5kKal

Useful properties of cornel

Cornel berries are very helpful - they contain a lot of glucose, fructose, organic acids, particularly malic, nicotine, tannins, nitrogen and dyes, essential oils, fitantsidy, vitamins C and P. The berries of dogwood is recommended for gout, anemia, hemorrhoids, dysentery, fever gastro-intestinal disorders, arthritis and skin diseases. Cornel has choleretic, diuretic, antiscorbutic, bactericidal antipyretic and anti-inflammatory action.
Because they contain pectin cornel berries accelerate the process of cleansing the body of metabolic products. Cornel promotes the excretion of oxalate and uric acid. Biologically active substances contained in the fruits of cornel  normalize blood pressure, pressure vessels of the brain, eliminate headaches, prevent multiple sclerosis. Cornel  like rose, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents fragility of capillaries, is used for venous insufficiency, edema of the legs, inflammation of the veins. Cornel berries improve appetite and reduced metabolism in the human body. Also cornel fruits are very useful when the disease or the propensity to diabetes, as It does not increase the blood glucose level and simultaneously enhance the enzymatic activity of the pancreas, facilitating digestion. As a preventive measure cornel eaten at risk of poisoning by mercury vapor, lead and others. Toxic substances.
In folk medicine,cornel priminyali diarrhea, they also reduced metabolism in the human body.
Cornel berries are advised to include in the diet for skin diseases and eczema.
Drinks and extracts from the berries of dogwood is recommended for gastro-intestinal disorders and hemorrhages, diseases of the oral cavity.
Cornel juice has a strong toning and invigorating effect.
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